Conveyancing and Estates

Our specialisation includes attending to transfers of properties, bond cancellations and bond registrations. We also offer the drafting of wills as well as reporting and winding up of deceased estates at the Master Office.

Our focus is the adding of professional value to estate agents, developers, auctioneers and banks, and our experienced team has substantial experience in serving this market effectively.

Our services include:


Transfer of properties


Bond cancellations over properties


Bond registrations over properties


Drafting of wills


Winding up of deceased estates


General property advice eg: migrations or semi-migrations locally and internationally

Our Service Promise

We understand the need for estate agents, developers, auctioneers and banks to offer their customers an efficient, competent and expeditious bond registrations or transfer service. It is for this reason that we have developed an experienced team with updated skills and resources to meet these standards.

The same level of service excellence applies to the way we handle the winding up and reporting of deceased estates.


Our prospective clients usually have a lot of questions that relate to their personal case. But the questions we hear most often relate to cost, timing and contact person. Here is some guidance:

What are your fees?

We charge industry related fees and will often negotiate bespoke payment structures to suit the circumstances of our clients. These are based on a number of factors, making each case different. 

Please reach out to us to discuss your organisation’s specific requirements.

How long does it take?

An average transfer can take up to 3 months to register. Our team of professional and supporting staff strive to push registrations in order to deliver better turn around times, by registering an average transfer as soon as possible in order for a buyer to enjoy their new home sooner.

Where do you operate?

Although we are based centrally in Gauteng, we assist estate agents, developers and auctioneers throughout South Africa.

We are also able to assist outside of South Africa and have an extensive Africa network, including an office in Mauritius.

Cybercrime in the Conveyancing sphere

Cybercrime in the Conveyancing sphere

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